13-7. Army Safety Augmentation Detachment

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a. The Army Safety Augmentation Detachment (ASAD) consists of IMCOM Soldiers who are trained in safety through the Combat Safety Officers Course.


b. The mission of the ASAD is to provide trained augmentees in the event of mobilization to serve as unit safety officers/NCOs for brigade and larger units. The ASAD is the DOD-unique organization providing ground safety support to worldwide contingency and Army Joint training exercises.


c. Requests for support must be forwarded through DCS, G-3/5/7 tasking channels to HQ FORSCOM (AFPE-SO). Requests should normally be submitted no less than 60 days in advance of the requested start date and will be submitted in accordance with AR 500-5, FC REG 350-12, Procedures for Tasking and Support from Active Component Installations and Units, and FC REG 500-3-1, Vol 1, Annex E (Forces Command (FORSCOM) Mobilization and Deployment Series (FORMDEPS)).

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